Agent Application

Dear Potential Agents,

Please read the following before applying for a position with us, it’s important that you know our requirement and company culture.

At Kasakoo, we pride ourselves with having the most dedicated, hardworking and honest cleaning agents around and we only accept those that have gone through our interview and screening process. We won’t deny you a chance to be part of your team but getting on it will be a challenge that our agent team has gone through proudly. These are some of the traits that we look for:


1. Hardworking – Cleaning is hardwork, we know this and for this hardwork we will pay you well. Always clean to the best of your ability, and always clean the home like you would with your own.

2. Honest – Being allowed into someone’s home is a huge sign of trust and we manage this trust by ensuring that you deserve it. All our agents will have to have NBI and Barangay clearances before being allowed to work. This is our requirement so that our clients will feel no anxiety with letting a stranger into their homes to clean.

3.Reliable – While many situations can prevent you from fulfilling your assigned tasks, always inform your supervisor ahead of time if you cannot turn up for the scheduled cleaning on time, we will have to speak to the client to update them on their bookings. We enforce this strictly, if you don’t turn up and don’t inform your supervisor or the company, we will not assign bookings to you anymore.

If all these requirements are acceptable, please click Apply now and we’ll be happy to have you go through the interview process for a chance to be a Kasakoo Agent. 


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