About Us

Why Kasakoo?

As an expat in Manila for over 11 years, we’ve lived in condos around the Metro Manila area mostly. We had a live in maid for a few years that ended up stealing from my home in the last few weeks before she had to leave for the province for good. While this might sound like a rare case, I’ve spoken to a few of my expat and local friends and traded stories that were similar, most if not all the maids that we’ve hired are may not be qualified in terms of training but we don’t really look into these things since we often accept these personnel due to referrals from friends and family.

Case of shoddy work, absenteeism and theft from freelance cleaners that we hire are more common than we expect and 1 cleaner is often shared among a few friends and family. When these cleaners are not available, multiple families are affected and this disrupts the routine we expect ; a clean home daily or weekly.

A few of us decided that we should setup a startup to manage this situation. We’ve evaluated about 20 cleaners from housekeeping and domestic helper backgrounds. They have worked oversees for hotels, families of ambassadors and cleaning agencies so they have the proper training required. They have been required to go for Barangay and NBI clearances before they are given any assignments by us and we have a personnel dockets that includes their details and referrals to ensure our clients we take their performance and conduct seriously.


What are the benefits of using Kasakoo?

With a flat rate of 300PHP an hour, we charge only for the time required to clean the unit based on your requirements. Typical 1-2 bedroom condos require about 3 hours to clean even with additional services like cleaning or shelves or fridges. We clean efficiently and thoroughly ensuring that you get value for money for our services.

Kasakoo will always deliver a cleaner to your home regardless of the situation of the cleaner, our customer support personnel have cleaners on standby to replace any cleaner that has problems meeting the agreed cleaning schedule so no more waiting to get your unit cleaned when your regular cleaner is absent.


What are the other services you provide?

We are currently focusing on house cleaning and will expand our list of services to cover most if not all household requirements like plumbing, air conditioner maintenance and a few other services that most homes use.


Which areas are you guys servicing?

During our beta phase, we will focus on Makati, Bonifacio Global City and Ortigas. The density of condos in these areas allow us to manage the manpower requirements for our service. As we expand our team, our areas covered will expand as well.